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Youth & Young Adult Prayer Call

Join me on Thursdays in May to Pray 🙏🏽

I am reaching out to create a space for our young people, young adults, and the young at heart to pause and pray.

Mental health shows up in many forms, some not so obvious, and I simply want to create a safe space of calm to pray and help you find some peace.

I will be leading the prayers and calling the names of those who submit their prayer requests in advance. 

I will also be providing a calming food, recipe, and/or beverage at the end of each call to help optimize our mental health.

Will you help me pray for our youth and young adults?

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🌎 All are welcome.

Thank you.

Theme song: "Pray for the World" by Deon Kipping.

Thank you for sharing your 🎶 gift with the world 🌎

Register or submit your Prayer Requests: Linktr.ee/iEatMorePlants

iEatMorePlants® Food as Medicine Course

Community cooking and nutrition programs have been identified as a key factor in reducing chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. The Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) series focuses on this need by providing hands-on cooking and community-based nutrition education. Join Team iEatMorePlants® Food As Medicine Workshop today!

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Back by POpular Demand

Morehouse School of Medicine welcomes The Plant Based Nutritionista™ and Chef Kev to inspire us on The Power of Eating More Plants!

Why Should I Eat More Plants?

Nutrition is the foundation of life. Join The Plant Based Nutritionista™ as she takes the power of plants to the next level in her inspiring presentation "Why Should I Eat More Plants?  She will highlight the benefits of eating more plants and moving your body in reducing, reversing, and preventing sickness and death (also known as morbidity and mortality) in the African Diaspora community and the many communities connected to them.  Additionally, she will share the common leading causes of morbidity and mortality from status quo eating, which is defined as SAD or MAD (Standard/Modern American Diet) eating, and offer practical tools, tips, and strategies that you can implement today. By the end of this inspiring and energetic presentation, participants will have the inspiration, knowledge, and motivation to continue along or begin their life-transforming journey with nutritional health and wellness at the center.


"Here to inspire you to take your health back one meal at a time by eating more plants® and moving your body." 

The Plant Based Nutritionista™

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Movement is Medicine!

Run with Team iEatMorePlants® on Saturday, October 14, 2023 @6:30 a.m. for the annual Atlanta Mayor's 5K!

Benefits of movement while taking your health back one meal at a time by eating more plants®:

Here to inspire you to take your health back one meal at a time by eating more plants® and moving your body!

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Let's get ready to go Back to School!

Did you know that what your child eats contributes directly to their mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being?

Come learn fun, easy, delicious, and nutrient dense meal and snack recipes to help and keep your children thriving from the inside out.

Learn simple ways to keep your bones healthy and strong!

Did you know that movement aka physical activity is essential to keeping your bones healthy and strong? Learn ways to prevent bone loss through whole plant food eating and movement.