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In the Kitchen w/the plant based nutritionista™

Welcome to your newest community of health podcast community! 

Envision yourself seated at my kitchen table having a conversation with me about all things health, wellness, nutrition, and more. Let's talk!

Podcast Highlight

Ep. 29 The Keto Diet?

What it is? Who's it really for?

Is it safe? Weight loss alternatives

Watch it now!

Past Episode Highlights

Episode 16: The Power of Movement in Preventing Osteoporosis - A Bone Health Master Class

Episode 17: Back to School Nutrition  Master Class

Episode 1 - Let's Talk Type 2 Diabetes Live!

November Highlight

Diabetes Awareness Month

Episode 2: Every day is "Mental Heath Awareness Day

May Highlight

Mental Health Awareness Month

Eating Health while on the Road

MaRCH Highlight

National Nutrition Month

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