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"Take your health back one meal at a time by eating more plants™"

Nutrition Services

Gut health + movement = mental health™

Taking care of the garden of your body by eating more plants, drinking water, and doing regular physical activities you enjoy are three of the most important things you can do for your mind, body, emotions, spirit, wallet, and mental health.

Let me help you reach your health and wellness goals through personalized nutrition inspiration, wellness coaching, and interactive educational events.

45-min Wellness Call

Plant Based Chef*

Personalized Lifestyle Plan**

The Kitchen Reset (if needed)

Regularly Scheduled Wellness Check-in Calls

Unlimited Personalized Coaching and Support**

45-min Wellness Call

Super Market Field Trip**

Personalized Lifestyle Plan**

Regularly Scheduled Wellness Check-in Calls

Virtual Kitchen Reset

In-person Kitchen Reset

Healthy Recipes

Meal Prep Service

Conference/Event Menus

Heart Healthy, Brain Boosting, Diabetic Friendly, Gut Loving Recipes!

Keystone Speaker

Panel Contributor

K-12 Programming

Higher Education Seminars

Conference Facilitator/Speaker

*Optional Add-on

**Available with subscription

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